Metal Bar Gratings

Swage Pressure Locked Grating With Diverse Spacing

Cross bars are inserted into pre-punched holes in the bearing bars and then hydraulically swaged to lock the bars in place. The permanently locks makes the cross bar/bearing bar remain its original position.

Swage locked grating is popular for the manufacture of close mesh gratings of aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel. Its trim appearance makes itself a premium choice of building fencing, grills and handrails.


  • Mild carbon steel;
  • 6000 series aluminum;
  • 300 series stainless steel.

Bearing Bar Spacing

Swage Locked Grating Spacing
Item No. Bearing bar spacing (in.) Cross bar spacing (in.)
SL-19-4 1-3/16 4
SL-19-2 1-3/16 2
SL-15-4 15/16 4
SL-15-2 15/16 2
SL-11-4 11/16 4
SL-11-2 11/16 2
SL-7-4 7/16 4
SL-7-2 7/16 2

Note: spacing between bearing bar varies according to special requirement, but spacing of cross bars on center should keep at 2" or 4".

Swaged lock steel bar grating

Swage pressure locked steel grating

Swage pressure locked aluminum I bar grating

Swage locked I bar grating

Grating handrail protecting your children and things falling from the balcony

Swage locked grating as security fencing

Swage locked handrail grating gives trimness and safety

Swage locked handrail grating prevent your children from falling off

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