Metal Bar Gratings

Serrated Grating Preventing Unexpected Slip or Falls

Welded serrated steel grating W-19-2

Grating system has been main candidate for flooring, trench covers and stair treads in commercial, residential or industrial applications. Owing to the shoes directly contact with the grating, the grating surface conditions should be considered before planning.

Where serrated grating should be used?
The walking surface is often covered by the accumulation of moisture or other slippery substances like oil.
The places where heavy passenger flow is received should be covered by serrated gratings to prevent accidental slip or fall.

Fabrication Methods:

Material Options:

  • Mild carbon steel;
  • 300 series stainless steel;
  • 6000 series aluminum.
Stair treads with serrated grating to maximize skip-resistance

Safe serrated stair treads

Serrated grating floor ideal for slippery plants

Serrated grating floor

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