Metal Bar Gratings

Riveted Grating Gives Huge Load Capacity and Durability

Riveted grating is manufactured by cold-press riveting straight bearing bars to crimped rectangular flat bars. It has superior resistances to impact, fatigue and repetitive loads. When subjected to concentrated stresses of rolling loads from dolley or cart, riveted bar grating offers excellent strength and durability.

Where riveted bar grating used?

Riveted grating is the primary choice for heavy load applications. Compared with welded or pressure locked gratings, riveted has much larger load carrying capacity for the same span and depth.


  • 6000 series aluminum;
  • Carbon steel;
  • 300 series stainless steel.
Riveted bar grating ideal for heavy load applications

Riveted bar grating with plain surface

Riveted steel grating with serrated surface to maximum friction resistance

Riveted steel grating with serrated surface

Spacing options:

Riveted grating spacing
Item No. Bearing bar spacing (in.) Close rivet spacing (in.)
R-18-7 1-1/8 7
R-12-7 3/4 7
R-18-3.5 1-1/8 3.5
R-12-3.5 3/4 3.5

Surface options:
Plain and serrated surfaces are available. Serrated surface is specially designed for the places where skip-resistance is very important. There are two types of serrated surfaces - on one hand, only cross members have notches, on the other hand, both bearing bars and cross are serrated.

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