Metal Bar Gratings

Light Duty Metal Grating First Option of Industrial Flooring

Light duty steel grating in industrial platform

Light duty grating is mainly employed by industrial flooring market

Light duty metal grating has been workhorse of flooring market such as pedestrian walkways, bridge platforms, machinery floors, tank stairways and other applications where heavy load capability is not required. Compared with heavy duty grating, standard grating uses thinner bearing bars (1/8" and 3/16").

Commonly, light duty grating offers open grid construction which provides maximum passage for light, air circulation and drainage. There are four fabrication methods - welded, riveted, swage lock and dovetail pressure lock. And the frequent materials to make light duty gratings are mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum. For general purposes, mild steel grating is fine. However, the environment wet and corrosive, aluminum and stainless steel would be employed.

Spacings of bearing bars can be standard or tailor-made. The standard bearing spacing is 1-3/16 inch. The spacing of cross bars should maintain 2" or 4" whether standard or customized.

Material options:
Mild steel,
Stainless steel;

Fabrication options:
Welded grating;
Riveted grating;
Swage pressure locked grating;
Dovetail pressure locked grating.

Spacing options:
Bearing bars: 19/16inch on center or as required;
Cross bars: 2" or 4" on center.

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