Metal Bar Gratings

Heavy Duty Gratings for Diverse Heavy Load Applications

Heavy duty metal grating features thicker and deeper bearing bars. It can be subjected to heavy rolling and static loads including highways, plant floors, loading docks and airports.

Heavy duty gratings are usually welded or riveted. Riveted grating is often used in bridge decks for its huge load capability.

Heavy duty gratings are manufactured with various sizes and spacings of bearing bars. The thicknesses of bearing bars usually come at 1/4", 5/16" and 3/8". Bearing bar spacings are customized to suit different applications.

Applications: Airfields, ramps, docks, parking lots, truck terminals and so on.

Heavy duty grating covering the drainage can stand up with the height of a heavy truck

Heavy duty grating for trucks

Heavy steel grating used in industrial work platform

Steel grating platform not only stand up with heavy loads but also serves economically and durably

Welded heavy duty grating spacing
Items No. Bearing bar spacing (inch) Cross bar spacing (inch)
W-15-4 15/16 O.C. 4"
W-15-2 15/16 O.C. 2"
W-19-4 1-3/16 O.C. 4"
W-19-2 1-3/16 O.C. 2"
W-22-4 1-3/8 O.C. 4"
W-22-2 1-3/8 O.C. 2"
W-30-4 1-7/8 O.C. 4"
W-30-2 1-7/8 O.C. 2"
W-38-4 2-3/8 O.C. 4"
W-38-2 2-3/8 O.C. 2"

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