Metal Bar Gratings

Five Reasons of Choosing Metal Floor Gratings

Metal floor gratings have been increasingly replaced solid metal plates for their ventilation, affordability and self-cleaning properties. Steel, aluminum and stainless steel gratings have been widely used as industrial or commercial floorings - trench and drainage covers, platform floors and deck floors.

What advantages of using metal floor grating?

  • High strength-to-weight ratio;
  • Recyclability;
  • Allowing for pass of debris and small things;
  • Easy installation;
  • Less maintenance.

Material options:
ASTM A1011 Mild Carbon Steel;
6000 series aluminum;
300 series stainless steel.

Surface options:
Serrated surface;
Plain surface.

Fabrication options:
Welded grating;
Riveted grating;
Swage locked grating;
Dovetail pressure locked grating.

Welded steel grating for well ventilation

Welded galvanized steel grating floor

Aluminum close mesh grating allows for the pass of high heels and wheels

Aluminum grating floor

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