Metal Bar Gratings

Aluminum Bar Grating Offer Multiple Choice for Grating Systems

Aluminum grating has unmatched strength-to-weight ratio when compared with steel grating and stainless steel grating. Owing to its excellent corrosive resistance to all weathers, aluminum gratings need no maintenance after installation. In addition, aluminum alloy often forms a protective external film to protect itself from corrosion of acid or other solvents.

Duty Options:
Aluminum bar grating can be divided into two groups according to its load capabilities - light duty and heavy duty. The thicknesses and depth of bearing bars mainly decide the load ability. Generally speaking, standard gratings are 3/16" and 1/8 thick and heavy duty gratings are 1/4", 5/16" and 3/8" in thickness.

Fabrication Methods:

  • Riveted grating;
  • Swage locked grating;
  • Dovetail pressure locked grating.

Bearing bar specifications:

  • Material: 6000 series aluminum;
  • Bar shapes: rectangular, I-bar;
  • Thickness: 3/16", 1/8" or thicker for heavy load application;
  • Depth: 3/4", 1", 1-1/4"; 1-1/2"; 1-3/4"; 2"; 2-1/4"; 2-1/2".
Aluminum grating as factory floor for anti-corrosion

Aluminum grating floor a better choice for corrosive applications

Balcony covered by aluminum close mesh grating for good ventilation

Aluminum grating with 7/16" spacing suitable for ADA

Aluminum Grating Spacings
Item No. Bearing bar spacing Cross bar spacing Open area
Standard SG-19-4 SGI-19-4 DTA-19-4 19/16" 4" 78%
Special spacing SG-19-2 SGI-19-2 DTA-19-2 19/16" 2" 73%
SG-15-4 SGI-15-4 DTA-15-4 15/16" 4" 75%
SG-15-2 SGI-15-2 DTA-15-2 15/16" 2" 69%
SG-11-4 SGI-11-4 DTA-11-4 11/16" 4" 68%
SG-11-2 SGI-11-2 DTA-11-2 11/16" 2" 63%
ADA spacing SG-8-4 SGI-8-4 DTA-8-4 1/2" 4" 58%
SG-8-2 SGI-8-2 DTA-8-2 1/2" 2" 54%
SG-7-4 SGI-7-4 DTA-7-4 7/16" 4" 53%
SG-7-2 SGI-7-2 DTA-7-2 7/16" 2" 49%


  • SG refers to swage locked grating;
  • SGI refers to SwagedⅠBar Grating;
  • DTA refers to Dovetail Pressure Locked Aluminum Grating.

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