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How to Choose Suitable Metal Bar Gratings for Special Application?

As a leader in manufacturing and exporting metal grating, Anping Mengke Wire Mesh Manufacture Co., Limited have been always improving its production line and developing new models for an increasing number of applications. Since its establishment in 1990, Mengke has served many customers all around the world including America, Japan, Europe and other nations and countries.

Metal bar grating has served industrial and commercial flooring for decades. It has replaced solid plates in many applications. On one hand, metal steel grating have similar strength as solid metal plates but have lighter weight. On the other hand, its high percentage of opening area allows for self-cleaning properties and ventilation. In a word, steel metal grating have some priorities which can't be replaced by solid.

How to Choose?

There are several elements to be decided before choosing metal gratings. First, you should understand the environments where steel grating will be used. If the environment is wet or corrosive and should be anti-skipping, aluminum or stainless steel grating would be better choice in long terms.

Second, the frequent passenger. Generally speaking, standard bearing bar spacing is enough to ensure free pass. However, if the traffic is heavy, you should consider 7/16 or 1/2" spacing which will reject high heels and ADA.

Third, the load capability in unsupported clear span.

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How to Specify?

When you have chosen a metal grating, you will be confused how to specify it to us. First, you should tell me the material. There are three materials for your choice - mild carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel. For the carbon steel, it is usually further processed - hot-dip galvanization or PVC coated. Second, the spacing of bearing bars and cross bars. Spacing of cross bars could be 4" or 2" and other distance is not allowed. To bearing bars, the spacing would be standard 19/16" or 15/16", 11/16", 7/16" or 1/2". Third, you should tell us the maximum load capability or the applications. Fourth, the surface conditions you need. Serrated grating is ideal for anti-skip conditions. If you have any other problem, just call or email us without hesitation.

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